Extra services

Chef @ home

"Les vents d'Anges​"

From June 2022, every Tuesday and Thursday evening this summer, chef Tania Van Muylem of the restaurant Les vents d’anges located in Bagard, will be “chef @ home” at Croissant de Lune.

Tania will prepare a fixed 3-course menu which will be served on the pleasant summer terrace of your B&B Croissant de Lune.




Virginie of Atlanvie and Britt from B&B Croissant de Lune have decided to join forces.

From now on, let yourself be pampered during your stay at our B&B Croissant de Lune establishment.
From Ayurvedic massage to draining massage through the channeling of energies through Reiki, Virginie has undoubtedly the solution you need in her setting of zenitude.

All you have to do is decide which formula you prefer.

Don’t forget to book in advance
06 73 45 18 71

Astronomy evening

Darkness embraces the south of France. Bagard falls asleep peacefully, it is then that Croissant de Lune and his guests prepare for an evening of observation.
If the weather is nice, if the stars are in a playful mood, then we can go on a trip with our eyes glued to the eyepiece.
Like the adventures of Jules Verne, we will go from the earth to the Moon. It would be a shame to stop. We will  join Saturn, the beauty with the rings, having taken the time to flirt with the imposing Jupiter and its large red spot.
This is only an appetizer of course. Let’s take the height and discover the wonders that surround us.
From the nursery of stars to nebulae, via galaxies and other clusters, without forgetting the death of stars, the sky is full of these wonders in summer and winter alike.
We will take a short break before starting our walk among the constellations. Ballad that will be sprinkled with a few anecdotes straight from the mythology and beliefs of ancient civilizations
Whatever the season, there is always something going on above Croissant de Lune so take advantage of your stay in our establishment to apprehend this new world with the eye now or through the CdL telescope.

Christophe, your Astron’hôte animator, has been involved in the world of astronomy since his earliest childhood. A solitary enthusiast, he discovered the sky by his own means long before the advent of the Internet.
In 1998 he founded the association Les Astronomes Amateurs Du Delta (les 2AD) in Arles, of which he was president until 2005. The vocation of this entity is to promote astronomy in the Arles region through events of all kinds. sorts.
In 1999 he participated in the definition and construction of the SIRENE observatory located on a former nuclear missile launch base located on the Albion plateau. This astronomical observatory aims to popularize the sky to a public from all walks of life, but also to provide an observation solution for people with reduced mobility.
With his experience as a facilitator in the world of astronomy, it is with the greatest pleasure that he will put your foot in the stirrup or rather the eye to the eyepiece leading to this new world.