391 Chemin de Rouvierette
30140 Bagard - France


Our Rooms / Gîtes

The German architect Walter Gropius (1883-1969) founded a school for architecture, industrial design and applied arts in 1919: Bauhaus. This new movement caused a revolution on an architectural level.

Britt (Brigitte) is a fan of this wph in which beauty is reduced to its essence. With the renovation of B&B Croissant de Lune, the original Provence house was transformed into a tasteful modern home with recognizable elements from the Bauhaus wph.

The clean lines in combination with various works of art and furniture are the proverbial icing on the cake.

We will let you dream away with a short description of the rooms and gîtes.

29m2 1-2 person

Mondrian, is the largest of the 3 rooms. The theme colour blue is a nod to the works of Piet Mondrian. The room has a spacious private terrace overlooking the garden. The room feat

26m2 1-2 person

Mies van der Rohe, the red room has a view on the swimming pool. After a wonderfully enjoyable day, the sun, gives the room a fantastic glow with its red-orange rays. The comfortab

25m2 1-2 person

Eileen Gray was a British-Irish designer, best known for the Bibedum chair. The pretty yellow room got here name. she nestles in the quiet corner of the house. The colour gives the

51m² 1-4 person

Vasarely, the orange gîte. From the living room you have a breath-taking view over the Cevennes. In the large bedroom with mezzanine/sleeping area you will naturally relax. The co